Our expertise in press relations

Press relations aim to create a qualitative and lasting relationship with the media with the objective of reaching and raising awareness of your final target.

Production of press releases and press kits – Creation of press files – Press follow-up – Valuation of press feedback – Launch press event.

We help you relay your news and spread the right message at the right time in the press.

Professional press

Hotel trade, restaurant industry, bakery-pastry industry, distribution, food processing… there are media that address them and we can reach them together.

We target the right media for you before writing a press release that reflects your image and highlights your goals and key messages.

Relations presse : Presse professionnelle spécialisée en gastronomie.
Relations presse : Presse grand public sur la cuisine

General public press

Do you want you company name to be in the mainstream press?

Together, we define a communication plan based on your objectives to offer you a good visibility with your target audience and thus stand you out from your competitors.

Influencer relationships

As a significant component of press relations, influencers have become true opinion leaders, which are essential to communicate effectively with a targeted public. Followed by a committed community, they benefit from a large audience and credibility which gives them a strong legitimacy in the field.
Our agency identifies and contacts these influencers in the gastronomic sphere to help you develop your relationship with them.

Relations presse et relations influenceurs
Relation presse : événement presse

Press event

You have an important announcement to make?

Amplify the impact of your communication actions by organizing your press event. Cook and Com takes care of everything while ensuring the best media impact :

  • Writing your press kits.
  • Creating, sending and following-up your invitations.
  • Organization of the event (place, chef/chef Pâtissier, decoration, atmosphere…)
  • Follow-up of the project, reminders and reception on the day of the event.